Important 1 day Bahama Cruise info

Please make sure to check and comply with the Bahamas Travel Requirement due to COVID-19,. Go to:

Check-in and Boarding

>> Boarding card All passengers must obtain their boarding cards on the same day as the departure of the ship from the Bahamas Express ticket offices. Return boarding cards can be obtained at the same time as outbound boarding cards. In the event that any passenger loses their boarding card, it will be verified that it has not been used and will be re-printed.

>> Check- in Check-in at Port Everglades commences at 5:00 am and the terminal gates close at 7:00 am sharp. Please note that due to high security measures you may encounter some traffic delays on entering the port. We strongly suggest that passengers aim to arrive around 6:30 am. Upon return to Port Everglades please allow at least one hour for vessel clearance by local and federal authorities.

Check-in at Freeport harbor commences at 3:30 pm and the terminal gates close at 5:30pm sharp.

Onboard services

>>LoungesPinar del Río boasts two types of seating areas: Economy Class and First Class. The passengers who travel in the First Class -exclusively for those who have booked this option- can enjoy more tranquility and space, and also more privacy

>>Entertainment Passenger lounges are equipped with audiovisual units which show entertainment videos (films, documentaries, etc.).

>>Bar The ship has a bar service, with a wide range of products.

>>Shop The Pinar del Río has a duty free shop, selling gifts, cosmetics and perfumes, candies, etc.

>>Smoke-free zone Smoking is not permitted inside the ship. Nor is it permitted in any of the company’s premises on land. The company would like to thank its passengers for respecting this regulation.


General requirements for baggage: >>Two items of hand luggage are permitted for use during the crossing/cruise free of charge. Passengers must be able to carry their own luggage onto the ship in one trip. The carrier reserves the right to charge for any excess items and for baggage weighing more than 45 pounds regardless of the number of items. Luggage may only contain the passenger’s personal effects.

>>For the transportation of heavier luggage, passengers can use cargo bins (5.5 ft. x 5.4 height) at a price of $200 each, only on the crossing from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama (Freeport).

Reservation of the cargo bins should be made in advance of the date of travel on the website, travel agency or by ringing the call center on 1-888-969-0069. Passengers should be at the terminal to load their cargo bin on the same day as they are traveling, between 6.00 am and 8.00am.

>>Passengers must comply with any applicable laws, regulations, tariffs, terms or conditions of the port or any third party service provider. Passengers may not take on board firearms, weapons, controlled or prohibited substances, or inflammable or hazardous items, or any contraband prohibited by local, state or national laws or noxious or offensive items or apparel, and passengers shall compensate the Carrier for any damage or costs caused thereby.

>>The ship's officers and crew have the right to search baggage for any hazardous, controlled or prohibited substances. The Carrier is not responsible for any delay, detention, confiscation, damage or destruction of baggage or possessions by the authorities, or for the theft or loss of goods.

>>Animals cannot be brought aboard the vessel, except for guide dogs in the case of visually impaired passengers.

>>All baggage must be securely packed and distinctly labeled with passenger's full name and address. Baggage not claimed upon arrival of the ship will be stored at the passenger's risk and expense, and shall be deemed abandoned if not claimed within 10 days.

>>The passenger agrees that the Carrier’s liability for loss or damage to baggage, valuables or personal property is limited under all circumstances to $250 USD per passenger.

>>The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to money, jewelry, cameras, electronics, documents or any other personal property which the passenger retains in their possession. Valuables and other goods may be carried but are done so solely at the risk of the passenger. Items deemed to be valuable may be declared once on board and handed to the Captain for safekeeping, although the Carrier does not accept any responsibility for their loss or theft.

>>These restrictions may only be waived by the Carrier in writing addressed to the passenger in exchange for an additional fee. Passengers are advised of the availability of travel insurance to cover the cancellation of or disruption to the crossing and the protection of valuables.


Please note that all travel documents listed below including visas, passports and alien resident cards must be valid for a minimum period of one month from the date of travel. As required by US government:

US Citizens Same Day travel or Overnight may use the following:

- Valid US Passport (must be valid for 30+ days to exit and reenter the US)

- US Enhanced valid driver’s license (Same Day Travel ONLY)

US Residents Same Day Travel or Overnight:

- Valid US Passport from your country of citizenship (must be valid for 30+ days to exit and

reenter the US) AND valid ARC (Alien Resident Card)

*If ARC is expired you must bring the original extension document with expired ARC card and

valid passport of the country of citizenship OR your passport must have an I-551 stamp with

valid extension dates.

Non US Citizens Same Day Travel or Overnight:

- Valid Passport with valid entry stamp (B1/B2 or Waiver Tourist countries)

- Valid Visa with MULTIPLE entries (all classifications)

- Waiver visa countries must have their ESTA form

- If there is no entry stamp in passport, must bring ticket or boarding pass to prove entrance

Bahamian Visas:

Some countries require Bahamian Visas to spend one or more nights on the island. Please check with

the Bahamian Consulate to see if your country requires a Bahamian Visa for overnight travel.

Bahamian citizens:

- Valid passport

- ARC (Alien Resident Card holders) must have a valid passport and valid ARC card

- Bahamian Residents (not Bahamian citizens) must have a valid residency card of the Bahamas or a

date valid Letter of Permit to Reside issued from the Bahamian Ministry or a valid residency stamp in

their valid passport of their country of citizenship.

One way tickets to the Bahamas: Only Bahamian citizens or residents can purchase one way tickets from the US to the Bahamas. All other passangers must show proof that will leave the island with a different Vessel or Carrier.

People with reduced mobility

Both the Bahamas Express on-board and land staff is available to assist passengers with reduced mobility (people with any kind of mobility issues who cannot cope on their own, those with visual or auditory impairment, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.) to board the ship and during the crossing.

Passengers with reduced mobility are advised to state this both when booking and checking in, so that they can be given the care that is right for them. Passengers reserving online have the option of filling in the Remarks field with details regarding any care or particular assistance they may require in emergency situations.

The fast ferry Pinar del Río has the following services adapted to people with reduced mobility:

  • Adapted armchairs (with folding armrests and seatbelt).
  • Adapted toilets in the communal areas.
  • Wheelchair tie down straps.
  • Elevator and access ramps

Passengers with reduced mobility should board the ship in a vehicle driven into the garage and parked next to the elevator, which will take them directly to the passenger lounge.

Reservation and purchasing channels

Bahamas Express tickets can be reserved and bought on this website.

Passengers may also reserve and purchase tickets from the Bahamas Express ticket office at Port Everglades or Freeport, from travel agencies, Tour Sellers or by ringing the telephone numbers given below.

Port Everglades officeTelephone: (+1 888) 969 0069
Call time: Mon to Fri 8.00am to 10.00pm
Sat 9 am to 6 pm Sun 10 am to 4 pm

Incident warnings

Bahamas Express’ goals of punctuality and comfort may be modified if the weather conditions inhibit a comfortable and safe crossing; in these cases, the company’s aim is to keep the passengers informed at all times, with several channels and communication systems in place to carry this out.

>>Internet The Bahamas Express website provides information on any possible problems and is periodically updated.

>>Telephone To request information on the company’s services customers can also call the Bahamas Express offices.


The priority of the captain and the crew onboard the Bahamas Express is the passenger’s safety. For this reason, the ship Pinar del Río —as well as strictly complying with all pertinent services— includes additional safety equipment.

By complying with the international safety regulations, the Bahamas Express staff will request that passengers show their Passport and boarding card in order to access the pre-boarding zone. The port authorities control passengers’ access and baggage using scanners and walk through metal detectors.

The application of international safety regulations involves restricting access to certain areas of the ship (such as the hold, where it is not permitted to take photos or make videos). The restricted access areas are duly indicated, therefore passengers are asked to respect this regulation, as well as the other safety and protection measures.

The ship also has closed circuit television which records images to ensure proper surveillance of the ship and passengers with regards to any type of unlawful acts which may be committed on board.

Passengers have the option of providing details regarding the particular care or assistance they may require in emergency situations. Passengers booking online may fill in the Remarks field.

>>Restricted Articles: Passenger(s) shall not carry in their baggage or bring on board weapons, explosives or inflammable or other dangerous or harmful articles of any kind including narcotic drugs (except with a doctor’s prescription).

No food or beverages can be brought onboard.

>>Deck The Pinar del Río is a high speed ship, and for safety reasons its deck cannot be accessed during the crossing (although it can be accessed whilst the ship is docked in port or when traveling at a reduced speed during the port exit and entry maneuvers).